iBurst Service Has Shut Down

Further to extensive communication to you throughout 2017 and our formal cancellation notice issued to you on 20 July 2017 iBurst has officially decommissioned it’s Wireless Network Service.

Please read the following information carefully as it contains recommended ‘next steps’.

If you have:

  1. Already migrated to LTE-A with iBurst.
    Don’t PANIC. Your LTE-A router will continue to function and your connectivity will not be lost.
    You do not have to take any further action. If you require support for your LTE please visit the support page.
  2. Enrolled your interest for LTE-A but have NOT migrated to LTE-A with iBurst.
    If you enrolled your interest in LTE-A (which you were obliged to do online prior to 31 March 2017) and you have NOT migrated to LTE-A with iBurst then please verify your enrollment and take advantage of your time-limited offer (ends 30 September 2017).
  3. NOT enrolled your interest for LTE-A or migrated to LTE-A with iBurst.
    If you did not enroll for LTE-A or did not migrate to LTE-A with iBurst you will need to make alternate arrangements for connectivity. If you wish to sign up for RAIN LTE-A you may do so through RAIN’s go to market partner (Internet Solutions) they have a list of ISP’s to choose from here.

Thank you for being part of the iBurst journey!